TMS Done the Right Way

Technology is an absolute requirement in today’s business environment. And logistics departments, while historically very manual and reactive, are feeling the pressure to adopt technology at a higher rate of speed.

Technology by itself is not an end-all, be-all solution. It can automate and speed up manual processes, but if the processes themselves are broken, technology just enables bad results to arrive faster.

This is why HA Logistics takes a holistic approach to logistics-related technology implementations. We look at the people and processes the technology is desired to support and, based on our review of the client’s needs, we may recommend Transportation Management System (TMS) functionality along with the managed change that will be required to use the system effectively.

AdvantageTMS is an industry-proven solution that gives you all of the benefits of other transportation management systems costing well into six figures.

AdvantageTMS is a powerful transportation management system that lets you find the least cost carrier and corresponding service time in less than a minute. Users enter origin, destination, weight and pickup date to get a list of carriers, service times and prices. There’s no need to call carriers for price quotes or rely on paper routing guides and maps. Plus, AdvantageTMS guarantees you pay the right rates and gives you control over carrier selection on each shipment.

A web-based technology, AdvantageTMS is safe and simple. So say goodbye to time-consuming freight quotes, and old school paper routing guides, and say hello to a secure and profitable way to manage your LTL shipping universe.

What Do You Need to Manage?

Implementing technology just for the sake of implementing technology could waste 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars on functionality that won’t be used and doesn’t achieve business goals. TMS implementations should start with asking the right questions, such as:

  • Are we trying to monitor inbound as well as outbound shipments?
  • Do the finance, sales, customer service or other teams need access to logistics data?
  • Is logistics used as a cost recovery or profitability mechanism?
  • Will the system have to support process improvement initiatives?
  • What reporting will be required?

TMS Functionality to Fit Your Goals

HA Logistics helps clients choose TMS functionality that will achieve business goals. Examples include:

  • Rate Shopping – Quickly review contracted rates, accessorials and carrier performance for a given shipment
  • Track and Trace – Use one portal to check status of most shipments across your distribution network
  • Margin Acceleration – Automatically, predictably markup shipments to use your transportation operations as a cost recovery or profit center
  • Inbound and Outbound Programs – Gain control over freight costs by taking advantage of volume discounts with your contracted carrier network
  • Freight Bill & Audit – Make sure the price you were quoted is the price you pay, and make those payments according to your aging criteria to optimize cash flow
  • Reporting – Make sure the data you are tracking can help you effectively run your business

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