A Freight Bill Audit And Payment Service To Keep Your Eyes On The Road To Better Profitability

Data from every freight transaction is stored for you, which ensures that you keep your finger on the pulse of your transaction costs – giving you unprecedented visibility and performance analytics.

AdvantageView is an independent freight bill audit and payment service that keeps you on the road to profitability by making sure you’re paying what you’re supposed to, giving you unparalleled insight to shipping operations and ensuring financial compliance.

Typical billing and audit practices limit an organization’s insight into shipping expenses and don’t expose costly errors until after payments have been made. Plus, common review processes employ a 1:1 ratio, requiring handling and approval of each and every freight bill. This costs businesses countless hours of unproductive work without adding value to the accounting process.

HA Advantage simplifies your freight billing by using a thorough 16-point pre-pay audit and match-pay system for all your transportation invoices. Without disrupting established internal controls, AdvantageView ensures you pay contracted rates, improves cash flow, eliminates unnecessary fees, and increases accounting efficiencies. Plus, it integrates with your G/L coding and uses your business rules, no matter how complex they may be.

Instead of limited scope, period-over-period summaries, HA Advantage provides easy access to timely reports and transforms your freight data into actionable information. From both a summary level and detailed perspective, you’ll have better visibility into shipping decisions and costs.

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  • Know the location of each LTL shipment at any time
  • Give access to customer service and sales for better account management
  • Search by shipment or delivery date to quickly narrow results
  • Simple interface makes it easy to use and understand
  • Instant access to delivery notifications
  • Ideal tool for warehouses and distribution centers to plan inbound shipments