Ship Your Product With Carriers Who Have Established Sweet Spots For The Lanes You Use

It’s the tariffs of all tariffs, leveraging the lowest cost lanes from 13 different carrier and industry rates through every origin and destination zip code pair in the U.S.

AdvantageRate is the literal foundation for your transportation savings, and you can’t get it anywhere else, because no other logistics provider has access to it. With HA Advantage you are always assured the most competitive price because it aligns your inbound and outbound shipments with the carrier best suited to handle that load.

If you’re like most shipping operations, you’ve negotiated impressive rates. Discounts up to 80% are common — but you can do better. HA Advantage shows you how much better with an Optimized Benchmark Analysis.

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  • Use the AdvantageRate tariff to manage both your outbound and inbound shipments
  • Our exclusive tariff outperforms other widely used tariffs in over 70% of cases
  • Protect margins and increase profitability
  • Customized for your shipping characteristics