HA Logistics Assessment

Address the Right Logistics Issues

The saying goes: “The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one.” The second step should be confirming that the solution is addressing the root cause of the problem as opposed to a symptom. Logistics departments around the country are working to resolve their transportation-oriented issues by changing people and processes, adding technology, putting contracts out for bid and utilizing other tactics. Unless a holistic approach is taken, these point solutions may increase problems instead of solving them. The key is to incorporate all of these solutions in the right percentages with the aim of removing barriers to efficient movement of goods. Effective logistics strategies start with asking the right questions, such as:

  • Should logistics be an internal function, outsourced or a hybrid?
  • Which processes are helping or hurting performance?
  • What information should be tracked, and how easily can it be shared amongst departments, locations, vendors and customers?
  • Can technology be leveraged to increase efficiency?
  • Are decisions being made using all logistics costs or just rates?

Identify Roadblocks to Success

Our Logistics Assessment identifies obstacles to efficiency and opportunities to reduce transportation costs. It makes customized recommendations that strengthen inbound and outbound logistics strategies. The Logistics Assessment:

  • Provides a detailed view of interactions between logistics and finance, sales, customer service and other entities as required
  • Builds a granular understanding of shipping, quoting, tendering, scheduling, customer service and other processes as required
  • Develops internal benchmarks
  • May determine whether processes vary by location
  • Uncovers inefficiencies in the inbound and outbound freight processes
  • Identifies unnecessary efforts in logistics-related administrative processes
  • Pinpoints opportunities for automation, streamlining and/or hard and soft dollar savings
  • Will generate a recommendations deliverable for specific programs that will refine/replace existing processes

Identifying Issues is Only Half the Battle

Consultants can often identify problems and create strategies to solve them, but may not be able to execute. Software vendors will try to fit business issues into their platform or make limited modifications to fit their model. 3PLs may require businesses to use their processes and vendors. HA Logistics takes an integrated approach that combines the best parts of all of those organizations to create a customized menu of strategies and tactics that will accomplish YOUR business and logistics goals. Previous solutions have included:

  • Standardization and/or centralizing operational control of logistics technology, processes and reporting
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) functionality such as rate shopping, inbound and outbound shipment tracking, profit margin acceleration and other freight-related tasks
  • Third-party audits of bills of lading and invoices
  • Refined RFP processes
  • Insourced or outsourced logistics programs
  • Consolidation or modification of routes and loads to reduce costs
  • Optimized tariffs

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