Get Delivery And In-Transit Status For All Of Your LTL Shipments In One Convenient Place

Stop visiting different websites and calling your LTL carriers to track and find out where your shipments are.  We put it all in one place for you.  Isn’t it about time someone gave you more time?

Now there’s a smart, simple way to answer “Where’s my shipment?” AdvantageTrace from HA Advantage combines all of your LTL shipment tracking and delivery notifications in one simple web tool. It also gives you the power to intelligently search load status by specific delivery or shipment date, or even a range of dates. AdvantageTrace is the next evolution in your supply chain visibility.

Searching carrier site after carrier site has become commonplace, making the task of finding out where a load is or the expected delivery date a real hassle. No matter if it’s your Customer Service team or your Shipping Manager… search by search, this process digs into your productivity, and ultimately erodes your profitability.

AdvantageTrace allows you to answer smarter questions like “What shipments are due to arrive tomorrow in my Central Distribution Center?” Or “Show me all the shipments arriving this week at my biggest customer.” You’ll also be able to quickly export reports that provide all load details including ship date, ETA and delivered date. In short order, you have the technology to improve operations planning without overhauling your operations or systems.

Tracking inbound LTL shipments will give distribution centers and warehousing the information needed ahead of time to plan better dock and inventory operations. Plus, HA Advantage can create portal access for your customers so they can do their own LTL shipment tracking by carrier PRO number or bill of lading number. That’s putting the power of visibility when and where it’s needed most.

Do You Offer A Mobile Solution?

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  • Know the location of each LTL shipment at any time
  • Give access to customer service and sales for better account management
  • Search by shipment or delivery date to quickly narrow results
  • Simple interface makes it easy to use and understand
  • Instant access to delivery notifications
  • Ideal tool for warehouses and distribution centers to plan inbound shipments