LTL Optimization

In partnership with HA Logistics, HA Advantage was established to meet the needs of clients needing more logistics horsepower in their LTL shipping operations, but didn’t want to sacrifice operational control or carrier relationships to a third party.

Profit improvements are realized in three ways:

  1. The AdvantageRate™ tariff is a unique, optimized LTL base rate that eliminates lane bias and allows shippers to choose the lowest-cost carrier for every lane they ship in
  2. The AdvantageView™ Freight Bill Audit and Payment system provides a 16-point pre-pay audit and delivers 100% of audited savings back to clients as well as on-demand access to freight accounting data, including accruals
  3. The AdvantageTMS™ transportation management system provides customers with a scalable, web-based solution that allows for smarter, faster transportation decisions and includes a robust mobile platform available for iPhone, iPad and Android device.

You Haven’t Seen Anything Quite Like This Before


Streamline transportation processes that waste time, and ensure accurate freight cost quoting to customer.  AdvantageTMS is built from the industry’s leading technology architecture.


An independent freight bill audit and payment service that provides a critical link between freight and finance while eliminating redundant and costly account payables processes.


Track each LTL load from origin to destination, regardless of carrier.  Get ship date, ETA, location updates, and delivery status – all in one place for you and your customers.