Measure, Monitor, and Improve Performance

Successful logistics processes require right mix of people, processes and technology to execute against operational objectives. If any of those components is underutilized, the results will be lack of visibility, the loss of current customers and decrease of new client acquisition.

HA Logistics provides actionable strategies to help you gain and keep control of your inbound and outbound transportation strategies. Our approach starts with a comprehensive assessment of your logistics processes and an analysis of our findings. Based on the results of that assessment we can identify areas with opportunity for improvement.

 To deliver process improvement we:

  • Collect & authenticate data
  • Create custom Key Performance Indicators
  • Conduct trend analysis based on your data
  • Provide Engineering & Consulting
  • Provide increased visibility across Operations

Better Reporting for Making the Best Business Decisions

By transforming your freight information into actionable data, you can and create KPIs and reports specific to your business and provides the visibility needed to improve supply chain operations. With those metrics, you are empowered to make better business decisions, manage costs and control the bottom line.

Know and improve your operations with the ability to:

  • View company, facility, or shipment level accounting metrics
  • Track freight program performance through time
  • View shipment level detail and facilities-level summaries
  • Create SKU and Customer performance views

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