Why Should Carriers Want to Work With HA?

HA Logistics understands the value of its carrier network. We strive to maintain a mutually beneficial arrangement that keeps the interests of all parties in mind when we structure agreements. That means we work for a win/win/win relationships where we win, our clients win and the carriers we partner with win.

Some of the benefits of working with HA Logistics include:

  1. We sell at the executive levels within our client base, which means we are working with executives to set their logistics strategies, not just logistics managers who are out to find the absolute lowest cost offerings
  2. We understand that you are in business to make a fair profit and treat you accordingly
  3. We evaluate our clients’ businesses on a lane-by-lane basis, so we may identify lanes where you can shine and recommend you based on your core service areas and competencies
  4. We can bring strong partners into the bid process in places where they may not have known an opportunity exists
  5. We can proactively provide client feedback so service concerns don’t catch you off guard
  6. Our TMS and rate shopping functionality can recommend your company for specific loads for which you may have otherwise been considered
  7. We are not asset-based, so we have no interest in competing against you

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